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MAGISCO the Haute Couture stretch leather.

Discover this marvelous stretch fabric, light to the touch, with beautiful hanging.

We are a tannery located in the heart of the birthplace of the French leather industry. Thanks to 20 years of experience, our factory is producing the highest quality hides. Thus, through innovation and continual renewal of our technical experience, we have earned our reputation as a world leader in the manufacture of top-quality stretch leather.

What is stretch leather ?

Let's go back 30 years to when it all began when our company became pioneers in the area.
It was in the 1990's that Marcel Saussol, after many years of research and development, refined the art of stretching leather.
It was by splitting the skin to a 0,2 mm thickness, the same thickness as a sheet of paper, and...

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What is the foil ?

Our MAGISCO strectch leathers have extraordinary and varied appearance and textures thanks to the finishing phase of the proceedure.
Several machines come into play, and the final one is the one for which we use this mysterious word the "foil".
Our pigmenting machine enables us to give the MAGISCO leather a waxed or a oiled finish.
We also have a...

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Our showroom

Whilst rennovating our offices in a modern, industrial and pure style, we decided to focus on our showroom.
This room is dedicated to highlighting our MAGISCO stretch leathers and to promote our "Basics" and "Casual" ranges.
We have also displayed some of the most extraordinary and up-to-date MAGISCO creations in this room.
This space was also conceived to...

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Next show

1st at 3 february 2024

Salon India International Leather Fair, Chennai

6 TO 8 FEBRUARY 2024

Premiere Vision Paris

20 TO 22 FEBRUARY 2024