The Magisco stretch leather

Since 1990, we have been making this exceptional leather and perpetuating our know-how over the generations. Magisco leather is supple and stretchy, it sublimates the shapes and follows your movements perfectly. It is ideal for skirts, leggings, dresses, boots, waders...

Opt for a leather unique in the world and let your imagination guide you to create extraordinary pieces.

A leather with infinite possibilities

Our stretch leather is unique. It exists in thousands of different aspects, textures, patterns and colors. According to your ideas and desires: everything is possible ! Be free to imagine and create extraordinary pieces.

Fashion designers and haute couture designers are turning more and more to innovative, different and customizable materials.

We create unique leathers according to your requests, stand out!

Create unique high fashion piece

In our workshops in France, we manufacture leathers designed for high fashion. These high quality leathers have character and uniqueness. They are prestigious products for clothing lines from the most timeless to the most original.

Discover our Excellence Magisco Basics range!

We work with many fashion houses, great French and international designers. Thus, during fashion shows in Paris or elsewhere in the world, you can see shoes and clothing creations made with our Magisco stretch leathers.