The intelligence of the hand

We want to highlight all the confidence and experience that our team offers you. The intelligence of these hands strives every day to perpetuate all the know-how from our French manufacture to a level of excellence. Here are the men and women who bring MAGISCO stretch leathers to life through the key positions in our human-sized workshops :

Sanding the skin with finer and finer sandpaper on the flesh side to make suede leather.

Un femme qui ponce le cuir

Splitting the skin in half, to a thickness of 0,20 mm, separating the grain side from the suede side.

Personne qui scie la peau

Classifying the skins according to their quality and their thickness.

Un homme en train de classer les peaux

Master dyer
Tinting the skins by adding dyes.

Un homme en train de teindre le cuir

Setting out
Roll drying the skins coming from the tanning baths before final drying to the attic.

Une personne qui essore le cuir

Horsing up
Flattening and laying out of the skins coming out of the dye baths.

Mise à plat des peaux
Logotype EPV


We were given recognition as leather craftsmen by the state in 2015 thanks to the “EPV” label (Living Heritage Company).
The excellence of our workmanship and our innovation as well as our commitment to know-how and creativity has place of honor. A spotlight on our “Made in France” leathers.


Des morceaux de cuirs étendus

Made in France

We are the only French company to transform our skins into stretch leather entirely in France, here in the town of Graulhet in the Tarn department.
We work with French or European suppliers, and the lining of our leathers is also produced in France.
We strictly select only the finest European skins to guarantee the excellence of MAGISCO stretch leather which are made with European state-of-the-art machinery.

made in france

Du cuir made in France