Waste conversion

"Our industry is the oldest re-cycling activity in the world: we transform the skin of an animal that has been bred either for its meat or its milk into a magnificent material - leather, that, in its turn is made into quality, long-lasting and reparable products."
Frank Boehly: President of the national council of leather.

Skin is a natural product, and the leather it becomes comes exclusively from the transformation of animal skins which would, otherwise, become waste.
Over several thousands of years of tradition, man has transformed animal skins and made them into a splendid "living" leather. Its natural state and its nobility give it a great added value which we owe to the well-being of the animal it came from, because if this were not the case the skin would be permanently marked.
The "Cuirs du Futur" workshops embrace tomorrow's world by laying the foundation of a responsible production and creating a durable product.

Fédération Française de la tannerie mégisserie

Respect for the environment

Concerned about reducing our impact on the environment, we have renewed all our tannery's finishing installations so that we could fit more efficient filters. On top of that, we have eliminated the use of solvents and our wastewater is pre-treated on site before being purified in our community sewage treatment plant.
Continually looking to improve our fabrication process to be more respectful of the environment and more energy saving, we are constantly on the lookout for the "greenest" product, even more than what is required by today's international standards.
Our approach is in register with REACH regulation, to help protect humanity and the environment, involving transparency of procedures and clarity of information.
We are also engaged with the LWG work group, which provides a forum for discussion between partners in all different areas of the leather industry, trying to improve conditions by uniting performance with the environment.
The aim, as always, is to innovate and progress.

Leather Working Group

Social ethics and human ecology

Our factory's strength is owed to the diversity of ages in our workforce, to gender dimension with as many women as men thereby we have acquired over time an exceptional expertise and know-how.
We encourage the passing down of technical know-how from our most experienced staff to the youngest who come to us on training contracts, like a father did to his son.
We pride ourselves by promoting well-being at work whether it be in terms of ergonomics or respecting the work rhythm and breaks of each person.
On top of that, tailored training programs are available to all, which enable us to have a multi-skilled team, thus cutting down the risk of routine and weariness. It is by making the job as interesting as possible to our staff that we are ready to progress into the 21st century.

L'équipe en train de déplacer des peaux
Leather, the material of the future

Leather, the material of the future

Leather is a very high quality natural material born of the circular economy. Every year, it transforms several thousand tons of organic waste into an ultra-resistant, repairable and durable material. 

Our Magisco leather is therefore 100% natural, 100% made from recycled organic materials and designed to last over time. Opting for Magisco leather is choosing an ultra-resistant material with infinite finishes. 

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