Let us go back 30 years to when it all began and our company became pioneers in the area.

It was in the 1990's that Marcel Saussol, after many years of research and development, refined the art of making leather become extensible.

It is by splitting the skin to a 0,2 mm thickness, the same thickness as a sheet of paper, and bonding it to an elastic cotton-based materiel, that leather becomes stretch.

Stretch, extensible, what do these words really mean?
The feel of this material is something that cannot be put into words, it is so magic that you have to touch it to believe it, we're going to try and give you an insight to what it's like.

Firstly, this stretch leather retains all of its technical properties and the beauty of traditional leather. It also shows great resistance over time by keeping its original appearance. Hence, our MAGISO products present themselves as a sustainable product that can be handed down from generation to generation.

Next, it is a pliable, extensible leather that slips on like a glove, moulding perfectly to the body while at the same time, giving it a firm support.
The stretch lambskin fits like a second skin and hangs beautifully from the body while giving support and bringing out style and outstanding form.
By moulding to the body's form, the MAGISCO stretch leathers are ideal for leggings, skirts, corsets, boots.....and have become iconic in the world of fashion and luxury.

Our top products, always fashionable and timeless, are the black MAGISO BASICS PLONGE and SUEDE.
Super-luxurious without being ostentatious, they are especially suitable for use by major French and international fashion creators either for the most glamorous and sexy - our range of MAGISCO BASICS or, for a more casual, sporting look - our range of MAGISCO CASUAL.

We have been labelled with the word "pioneers" as we are the only company to create stretch skins from the original lamb skins, forever re-inventing MAGISCO stretch leather with more stunning and innovating finishing touches with each passing collection.

Cuirs stretch noir