Whilst rennovating our offices in a modern, industrial and pure style, we decided to focus on our showroom.
This room is dedicated to highlighting our MAGISCO stretch leathers and to promote our "Basics" and "Casual" ranges.
We have also displayed some of the most extraordinary and up-to-date MAGISCO creations in this room.

This space was also conceived to welcome you, both physically and virtually. More than ever, with today's current sanitary climate we wish to keep contact with you while ensuring you of our compliance of sanitary health rules. Wether you are physically present or taking part in a video conference, we have set everying up to make you feel as if you were present.
Our professionel studio video equipment is on an equal to any we could use for an international leather show.

We have installed projectors and cameras in such a way as to enable you to sense and become immerged into the world of MAGISCO stretch leathers. In this way, with our high technology and video-conference material, you can, from the comfort of your own home, admire our leathers in virtuel reality. You can, in total security, discover the drape, the pliability, the elasticity, the finishing, the effects and colours of our MAGISCO stretch leathers, and this, in a privileged exchange adapted entirely to your wishes and desires.